The Shell Station blunder

On my way to work one morning, I had a slight emergency and pulled into a Shell station.  Just in the nick of time I reached the restroom door and to my chagrin it was locked!  Oh, no, now what?  I tried the Men’s Restroom door and it was available! yay relief.  As I was takin’ care of business the door opened and in walked an elderly man.  He was so startled and started backing out abruptly saying, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.  And you’re in the wrong restroom.”  Now I must say it took a little longer than I wanted and even I was disturbed by my lengthy time in the restroom.  Apparently the man also had a pending emergency situation and came back knocking on the door.  I had to ask him to please wait a minute.  I finished and walked out with my head down, and the same man was standing right outside the door reading the newspaper.  I didn’t make eye contact.

Don’t Mess with Texas

Once we were on a cross country trip and wouldn’t you know just as we were entering New Mexico from Texas nature came a calling. I had no other alternative than do stop the caravan of family vehicles. We were in the lead pulling a trailer.  (there were 5 vehicles on our way to a Christmas vacation in the mountains of New Mexico)  On the icy, snowy highway we all pulled over and I did “number two” right there inside the New Mexico border.  You know I didn’t want to Mess with Texas.